Welcome to myCOoffice

MyCOoffice came into being to provide both entrepreneurs and business-teams with premium quality office space along with professional business services.  We have created a high performance work atmosphere with all-inclusive pricing. As you grow from one person to an entire team, we provide different workspace solutions to allow you to grow your business.

Our products range from Private Offices, to premium Coworking Spaces, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Event Space and a Virtual Office. We provide you not only with excellent supporting service but also a customer friendly environment so that you will excel at your work. MyCOoffice makes sure that all of it’s office spaces and workplaces are fully furnished and IT-enabled. We offer you the flexibility to rent the space  hassle free and to work for a day, a month or even a year.

Our facilities enable you to experience the best possible work environment where you can focus your energy, time and effort on what is important, to make your business succeed.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup or a major company, we offer you a professional business space that suits all budgets and ways of working. If you value quality, a professional image and networking opportunities, come and join us. You will be pleased and satisfied with what you find here.

Joseph Cho, CEO of myCOoffice


Our Objective

We create a high performance work environment for individuals and teams by providing premium-quality office spaces with professional business services.

Our Core Values

We take care of clients’ business through the following five values:

• Reliability

• Quality

• Cleanliness

• Respect

• Networking