Team Office E

Open floor plan, large desks with bookshelf. For 4-6 people.

Private and Calm space with modern desks and ergonomic chairs in the big window room.

Included Services:

Freshly decorated
Fitted with ergonomically designed furniture

Electricity, Heating, water and Air-Condition included
Shared Internet Wifi (8MB)

Common areas
Welcoming reception area, European Style Coffee Lounge and Breakout space.
Maintained to a high standard

Facilities management
From security to cleaning, we manage it all

Support team
On hand to deliver dedicated support to your business
A friendly welcome for your visitors in our reception

Optional Service

  • Phone Pick Up Service
  • Exclusive Telephone Line
  • Company Logo in Reception Panel
  • Flat Rate Simple
  • Unlimited monthly usage of beverages (tea, nescafe, herbal)

Call us today: 01147 392 392 or 02 2180 8387 from 8:30 am to 11 pm